Behavior and Field Trip Information

Dear Families,

We struggled with our behavior today.  It’s that point in the year where kids start to look out the window and yearn to get onto the sunny playground.  I try to oblige that desire once or twice a day and give kids some extra time to run around outside.  In order to get that time on the playground, I do require kids to at least attempt some of the work put in front of them.  Today, we had a couple students jump up on the counter and hang their feet out the window, because they hadn’t done their work and were going to have to stay inside until they got it started.  If you could take a minute tonight to express your feelings about that behavior with your child it would be appreciated.


We have a field trip to the Shelburne Museum scheduled for Monday, June 3.  In order to make this a reality, we need 7-8 chaperones.  Please fill out your child’s permission slip and consider volunteering to chaperone.  Parents or grandparents that complete a background check are welcome to attend.


Thank you,

Mr. Cheney

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