Bayside Day this Thursday

Dear Families,

On Thursday, we will be walking to Bayside Park around 11:00 (give or take 30min) to play games and eat lunch.  Although there will not be any swimming, students should still bring a change of clothes, sunblock, snacks, a cold lunch, and activities to play while at the park.  We will play a game of super soaker, so please bring them if you have them.  Students may only get people wet that choose to play in the game.  Anyone that uses a super soaker outside of the rules I outline will have their soaker taken away (I will have some soakers available for kids that don’t have one).

We’d love to have parents join us if they’re free.  We usually start the festivities on the baseball fields behind the basketball court and work our way toward the pavilion.  If there is anyone that can volunteer to meet us at the parking lot adjacent to the baseball fields with a few coolers of water, that would be greatly appreciated (if this is something you can do, please email me).

Lastly, if the weather is bad or students have finished their work, we may watch some Roald Dahl movies to complement the reading we’ve done of Roald Dahl’s books.

Thank you,

Mr. Cheney

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