Office Hours and Osprey News

Dear Families,

Week two of learning from home starts today.  Hopefully, you all received the learning plan for the next two weeks over the weekend.  Please know that all of the activities are optional and meant to help students maintain the progress they’ve made this year.        Learning Plan

I will have office hours daily from 10-11 and from 1-2 everyday this week except Thursday.  Thursday I will have office hours from 2-3.  During office hours students can expect a response to an emailed question within 15 minutes.  I do check my email throughout the day, so just because you send me a question outside of office hours doesn’t mean I won’t get back to you quickly. 

Osprey News

The last page of the Osprey News has 25 fun activities you can do at home without technology.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and social distance,

Mr. Cheney

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